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Get paid quicker and easier online.

Increase sales and convert more customers with well-designed checkout flows. Accept one-off payments, invoiced payments, and recurring subscriptions. Automate everything that comes after payment with our automation platform.

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Incoming Payments

Accept payments

1. Accept Payment

On your website, from a link in an invoice you send, direct debit, etc.

Fulfill customer

2. Fulfill Customer

Send an e-ticket, confirm their appointment, ship a product, etc.

Record transaction

3. Record Transaction

Create a sales invoice in your accounting software, keeping your accountant happy.

Secure payments

No need to worry about securely handling your customers' credit cards. We use Stripe to ensure your customers' data is kept safe.

Faster fulfillment

Delight your customers with quicker if not instant fulfillment of their order. Improve customer experience with faster response times.

Minimised admin

Leave what can be done by computers to the computers. Automate the repetitive work so you can focus on more important tasks.

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